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Selling solar energy products in rural parts of India - Sustainable Energy

Total’s Mission is to expand Sustainable energy across rural parts of India with the help of their solar Sakhi as they can connect with the customers. According to the India 2001 census, 72.2% of the population lives in rural areas. People living in a rural area live an extremely challenging life, and they lack in infrastructure and proper resources. Women play an important role in rural communities and came as a support system of rural economy by contributing to agriculture and other activities. When women harness solar power, they bring more than just electricity. To fuel the growth of a rural area, sustainable energy plays a vital role. Total’s vision to solar energy intervention in rural areas helps in bringing the women entrepreneurs to enhance the women empowerment in rural India. Total overall distributed renewable energy like solar lighting or mini-grids which has a direct impact on individuals. A woman in rural areas can light up the whole village.