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India: Great ambitions for green electricity

India aims to generate 50% of electricity from using non-fossil fuel by 2027. India’s renewable energy ministry is not only confident of meeting the target but exceeding it by 2027. With 39GW of renewable power capacity going through the bidding process, India is set to achieve 87% of its targeted capacity by 2027. As India’s population is increasing, they can’t afford to lose any energy, the only way to deal with the problem is to grasp the energy as soon as they can. India Institution of Science and Technology came forward to look into the micro-grids and made India’s first micro-grid from the combination from solar wind and biogas. Increasing the size of the renewable energy in India’s energy mix is critical for the nation to control carbon emissions and reduce its dependence on costly oil imports. According to the ministry they want the country to generate 40 per cent of its energy from renewable sources.